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Get Married on Miami Beach: The Ultimate in Stress-Free Weddings

Learn why couples wanting to have a romantic, casual and relaxing tropical beach marriage ceremony are choosing Miami Beach for their wedding destination and honeymoon.
Get Married on Miami Beach: The Ultimate in Stress-Free Weddings

by Monique N. Gilbert

Wedding Officiant (Florida Notary)
Tropical Miami Beach Weddings

For couples looking for a casual and relaxing marriage ceremony, Miami Beach is the perfect choice. By its very nature, the beach is a beautiful place where you can sit back, unwind and enjoy the moment. A place where a sun-dress and shorts are considered dressed up, and a bathing suit with a sarong is the norm.

Imagine having your nuptials in a warm tropical setting. Gentle ocean breezes fill the air, the sounds of waves and seagulls in the background, the sun shining overhead, and soft sand beneath your feet. Next to you is the love of your life, passionately vowing their commitment and devotion to you.

As more couples plan and pay for their own weddings, they want to have a unique celebration and combine it with their honeymoon. This is the concept of a destination wedding. For less than the cost of a traditional wedding, they can have a wedding and honeymoon with funds to spare. Couples can travel to a tropical location; stay in a luxury oceanfront hotel, have a beach marriage ceremony, and still have money left over for restaurants, dance clubs, shopping and attractions.

South Florida has become a popular tropical destination for couples who do not want to travel outside the United States. Yet still desire the laid back ambiance of the Carribean mixed with the exciting energetic atmosphere of South Beach.

Miami Beach has become a haven for tropical destination weddings because of its amenities. Miles of lovely beaches with a wide range of hotels overlooking the shoreline. World renowned restaurants, bars and night clubs. Water sports and activities like jetskiing, snorkeling, scuba diving or para sailing to fill your days with fun in the sun. Trendy stores and shopping malls to satisfy all your shopping needs.

Tropical Miami Beach Weddings caters to couples who seek a romantic and carefree beach marriage ceremony, commitment ceremony or vow renewal. They make all the arrangements necessary. They setup a romantic tropical ceremony site with coconut-lines aisle and play steel drum wedding music; customize your ceremony vows, provide a silk loaner bridal bouquet, give a champagne gift basket, 120-150 digital photos on CD, and perform a unity beach sand ceremony. They even help out-of-state couples obtain their Florida Marriage License by Mail before they arrive.

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